About Caterfee

Hello there, 

Caterfee Reviews is the alias for a postgraduate English Literature student living in the North West of England. At twenty one, almost twenty two, I am currently in the midst of writing a billion essays on literature predating the 1900s, a dissertation on one of my favourite things in the world (Japan), and battle the need to not bankrupt myself on books. 

If I'm not at university or at home, there's a very certain chance you'll find me on a train somewhere around the Manchester area. Or maybe not. It does depend on the day. But other than that, I'm most happy to be sat watching television, a book on my phone or physically in my hand with the dog throwing a tennis ball at me. We're a very animal friendly family with a habit of taking in rescues. I have an Irish rescue dog, and a rescued/adopted tortoise that a family friend asked us to take. #

Where did the name come from, and how to pronounce it.

Well it all started when I was about sixteen/seventeen and befriending someone who could never remember my name properly. As we shared a love of Pokemon, they eventually began to nickname our friendship group after the magical creatures and Caterfee was born. Since then, the alias has shifted to cover my Twitter handle and rather successfully confuse a lot of people.

Pronounced Cat-er-fee, it has come a long way since a deep love and appreciation for Nintendo's adorable little Caterpillar. 

How did the blogging begin?

It's a funny story because it all began when I discovered Goodreads. With no idea what I had and hadn't read, the website was super handy with its summaries and reviews of books I had, and had not been lucky enough to read. That's when I found more bloggers, predominantly American, but the more I read of their work, the more I wanted to go and do this for myself, to share how books had made me feel. 

In the Summer of 2014, I started blogging under this alias. With my reviews posting on here, Twitter and Goodreads, I began to branch out to those other bloggers, meeting more of the American ones and being so surprised by how friendly they actually were. 

What do I do now?

Currently, I am studying a Masters in English Literature at one of England's top twenty universities. This does mean I have quite a bit of a heavy workload from that, but since it's a year long course it's good to know the end is nigh - September please hurry up!