Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Shattered on the floor

Bare. That's all I could say about our new home. The trees were empty of leaves and flowers, the grass mowed down and of course the house itself was bare of belongings. Sitting inside the car, I took a moment to remember our old house, the house of colour and happiness until the day dad died. That's when it turned grey and became a house of piling tissues. Mum wouldn't admit to this of course but this new house was her project. A way of moving on after dad and creating something of herself.

I carried on with my task of bringing in the boxes, the one I had right now was too wide to fit through the car door so I looked a sight with my butt in the air. These were things my new neighbours would have to get used to, well if I had any new neighbours at all. Did we have some?
"Errrrryyyyynnnnn!" My mom screamed as she finally had the movers play tetris with our furniture.

"Coming" I called after her finally moving my box out of the car. "Damned new house turning her into a bloody draugr. Knew I should've stayed with the cousins"

I get halfway up the drive when I hear someone cough quite loudly. "Ahem" They clear their throat once more. I turn, half in annoyance, the other half in curiousity and my jaw drops just a little. At the foot of my driveway is a guy of eighteen, maybe nineteen. He is the literal representation of the words; tall, dark and handsome. By those I mean he has dark brown, almost black hair that's shaggily cut, he's tall (Obviously), maybe around 6ft2. I'm not 100% certain and he's a lot more attractive than the guys at my old school so yeah.

I think it's after I've been clearly caught staring at him that my face turns red and of course there's a godawful smash. "Shoot!" I cry out as the box's bottom collapses and the contents fall out.

My mother's most prized china is laid out on the gravel in shattered pieces. The boy stands there as I get on my knees and pick up what I can. He watches me as I scramble around, hoping that I pick up everything.

"What?! You just gonna stand there or are you going help me out?"

"why should i? You're the one who dropped the box?"

"Technically the box collapsed so be a gentleman and help a girl out will you?"

"Nah. I like my view here"

"You arrogant son of a -"