Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lightning In A Bottle

Okay so I've been fairly absent for awhile but it's for good reasons I swear!
So stealing the title for this post from The Summer Set's song (great song btw), I am happy to reveal reasons why I have indeed been too busy for posting.

Reason #1: I now have a horse on loan. Yup I officially loan a horse from a family friend and so he requires me to be there for 8:30am and 4:30pm to groom, feed, clean and exercise. You may wonder that's a big gap inbetween, so I now go onto reason two.

Reason #2: Family. Yes I belong to a very busy and OCD household that order me to do various chores around the house daily, and yes they do repeat themselves but what can I say?

Reason #3: My tortoise. As he's been a bit under the weather, I've had to give him daily baths and make sure he's pooping okay and eating.

Reason #4: Social needs. Yes I like many people out there do need to have my quota of socialization filled. So far that has been going okay, I've encountered some awkward moments but they're just what comes with befriending myself. (Just ask Lou @ halleloujah.blogspot.co.uk)

So yeah. They're the reasons I am currently disclosing. My reading has been continuing but very slowly as I am indeed reading New Adult fiction to write a compare and contrast on it against the beautiful genre that is Young Adult as they both have been scrutiny over what audience they truly have and why they are two different genres.