Sunday, 3 April 2016

Wandering Wild by Jessica Taylor

Wandering Wild by Jessica Taylor

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Rating: ****

Wandering Wild is a very different story that revolves around wanderer Talia and her brother Wen. Living a life away from what other might, the duo travel state to state as they work cons and earn money in unethical and illegal ways.

In all honesty I forgot I requested this and when it appeared in an email, I was reminded of what made me want to request it. The sheer-non fiction elements of this, that people do live this way and it interests me to read, if fictionate, accounts of lives like this because it makes you wonder whether or not there is someone out there like this. 

Talia is both likeable and not. Her attitude is understandable and her behaviour is just right for a young woman of her age and position in the world. It's got to be hard to be alone, no mother or father and forced to carry on with the amount of anger for that said mother. But she carries on. Despite knowing bad things that are about to happen in her life, Talia remains strong even when she wants to break down.

It all changes though, when she meets Spencer Sway. 

He's kind and studious but can work a con just like Talia can if given enough time to prepare. They're a weird and doomed duo that it breaks your heart assuming nothing good can ever come of them being together as the book develops into something I didn't expect to read.

Again being honest, I didn't think I would enjoy this but I did. It was a true page-turner and will make a great impact on the fiction charts, or at least it should.

Wandering Wild will be published on May 3rd by Sky Pony Press.