Sunday, 19 October 2014

Immortal Prophercy (The Immortal Prophercy Saga #1) by Samantha Adams and Kay Fry

Immortal Prophercy by Samantha Adams and Kay Fry

I am a sucker for books with beautiful dresses. An example would be the Luxe series by Anna Godberson which are beautiful and incredible books! This book started a little iffy, I carried on reading it in hopes it would pick up and it did. 

My first imrpession was that it was set in the past, Victorian or Georgian time but it was actually set in the present which didn't click with me until James appeared. Either way it works to be set in either time period. It's one of those books that you can still like. 

I really really really enjoyed this book. It was different from vampire books, I even told my friend that when she asked is it vampires in an exasperated way and then understood that it was Twilight/Vampire Diaries or another cheesey tale of vamps. Instead it's more mature (as mature as you can get with a guy being your soulmate and over two hundred years older that your grandmother) but subtle in it's very wide field. Adams and Fry describe their vampires simply and it's enough to make you read on.