Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Chantress Trilogy (so far) by Amy Butler Greenfield

Chantress (book 1) and Chantress Alchemy (book 2) by Amy Butler Greenfield 

Book 1

Book 2

Chantress is a book that I've wanted to read on and off again for a year now. Goodreads must have known it was meant to be because it kept popping up at me over and over again. The story though could do with some tweaking, it's good. Don't get me wrong but sitting here now after just finishing the sequel I'm kind of looking back and seeing parts where it's a little rushed but as you devour the book, they're not noticable so that's brilliant.

Lucy is a chantress (thick witch but a singing one) and it's set in an alternate 17th century which was quite accurate considering most books of the genre. It's magical (excuse the accidental pun there) to read a book that's a mix of based on real events and one that's written really well. 

There's not much more I can say except read the books because I think that'll speak a lot more than me giving out spoilers and I don't want to ruin this for anyone.