Saturday, 12 September 2015

Emancipated by M.G. Reyes

Emancipated by M.G. Reyes

Published by: Katherine Tegen books
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Tagline: No Parents, no limits, no alibis

If you haven't seen the book trailer for this, then you can here.

But be warned. The book and trailer are completely different.

The plot of this book is basically stuffing a bunch of teenagers in one house with the overall theme of emancipation from their parents. Each teen has a deep dark secret, or are just hiding stuff to make them more interesting. However it fails.

Unfortunately I wasn't emotionally invested into any of the characters and couldn't care less if they were in trouble or died. They just weren't there. Maybe it's the length of the book compared to the amount of backstory/story the characters had, or maybe it was just because their problems were painfully obvious.

Our characters are: Candice (actress/wannabe), Grace (letter-writer), Paolo (tennis guy), John-Michael (driver), Myra (coder) and Lucy (musician). Yes I have summed them up with one- two words simply because that's how I could tell the difference between them. I want to point out that Myra was useless. She added nothing to the story in my opinion, in fact they are all irrelevant because it's simply John-Michael's story that we get the most about. Of course there are little tidbits about everyone else, but he is the only reason we read to the end.

A most unimpressive book.

Emancipated can be bought in the UK in a hardback only at Amazon but in the states you can grab a copy from Amazon US