Saturday, 6 February 2016

See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter

See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter

Published by:Scholastic Press
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Contemporary
Rating: Four Stars

Following on from the thrilling first novel in the Embassy Row series, Ally Carter crafts an intriguing story that carries on from the aftermath of Grace's revelations. The arrival of her brother in the Embassy sets her on an edge, one bigger than the troubles of the previous book, and things certainly don't get boring. Filled with a thrilling tale of who is to blame for her mother's death and whether she can trust anyone at all, See How They Run is absolutely fantastic. You're always kept on your toes.

I was pleasantly happy with this book. As sequels come, this continued on from the first without a need to recap everything every ten pages. Instead I felt slightly reminded and then thrust back into Grace's world and her endeavour to seek the truth about her mother and her life. The reasoning behind the four stars was because I felt there could have been a bit more to the book. There was a moment that felt quite unrealistic. I mean come on if someone was stabbed, then they should be injured longer than a few pages.

See How They Run can be bought from Amazon UK and Amazon US.