Friday, 19 February 2016

Join Up (Island trilogy #3) by Tudor Robins

Join Up (Island trilogy #3) by Tudor Robins

Published by: the author
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Rating: Five Stars

A huge thank you to Tudor for letting me have an advance copy

I cannot believe the series is over. Cue the tissues because I absolutely adored this book and the series. Having told Ms Robins that her books are amazing and inspired me, I think this book is further evidence that horsey books need to be out in the world more.

Join Up concludes Lacey's life as she leaves the island and all it's inhabitants to spend the summer earning money for college and maybe discovering more about herself. The camp is for kids who want to learn more about horses, to have an experience of actually owning one for a few weeks without the responsibility of forever keeping one. It's a magical thing these camps. But Lacey takes it in her stride as she teaches her students and keeps up connections to the island. 

But things change. Life changes us all. Lacey meets someone who could potentially replace Jared in her heart and he might have four legs. Of course she finds another horse. He doesn't hold a flame to Salem but there's definitely something between him and Lacey that keeps her coming back for more and more. 

It's a weird situation I'm in. I want to say so much more about the book but I can't without spoiling the end. All I can say is that this is the series you need to read if you love horses. 

Join Up is available for purchase at Amazon UK and Amazon US.