Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Penryn and End of Days Trilogy by Susan Ee

The Penryn and End of Days Trilogy by Susan Ee

Book one: Angelfall

Book two: World After

Book three: End of Days

Published by: Skyscape
Genre: YA,dystopia, angels, supernatural, demons

The reader is introduced to Penryn in a really relatable way. She's a young carer and takes care of her mother who is a little cuckoo and her younger sister who is disabled and in a wheelchair. However  things take a turn for the worse when the badguys aka angels take her sister and leave poor Penryn to locate her and to try and get things back to normal (whatever that is). 

However Penryn's plan gets foiled by the arrival of another angel naemd Raffe (three guesses which famed archangel he is). Raffe is a fighter. Their first meeting is him fighting against two-three other angels and his wings are cut off in the midst of it (poor guy), thus starting the beginning of Penryn and Raffe's journey. 

In Angelfall, the duo explore more of West coast America, mainly Sillicon Valley for some reason. But Susan Ee has done a marvelous job of creating this dystopian world, to imagine our Earth after its been ravaged by angels... For some reason I kept imagining it would be like a mix of Walking Dead and the video game The Last of Us.

An example of The Last of Us
The above artwork can say enough about how the story is described so wonderfully. I had zero problems envisioning the world in which the characters roam.

World After is devastatingly good. Like keeps you on the tip of your toes good. Most sequels get a little eugh. Especially the dystopian/fantasy ones but few stay good simply as they're known as fillers. I felt as if this book carried on the storyline I knew and loved. Therefore when it finished, I almost cried because it meant I had to wait til I could purchase the book.

Then finally End of Days is like a christmas and birthday present all wrapped up in one. It's the big battle we all wanted to happen and more. All I really want to scream is how much I love Raffe but that can wait til later. The book concludes on Penryn and Raffe's journey to save the world and to reattach Raffe's wings. Occasionally there's a few tiny battles featuring demons, angels and zombie-like things but everything is a-okay in the end.

All of the books can be found here on Amazon